• Welcome

    Grab a cuppa, a pad and a pen.

    FInd yourself some peace and quiet.

    Then come with us on our journey.

  • How It Works

    How to come on the journey with us



    Watch the introduction video below here.


    Head to Location 1

    After the intro, you'll be invited to location 1, which is St. Patrick's Isle.


    Follow the routes

    Follow the suggested trails as directed, or go your own path! Each one takes about 5 minutes, and you can do them with as much time between them as you need. One 30 minute experience, or a number of 5 minute trips!



    Take it at your own pace, listen to God and write down anything you feel you hear. Maybe share that with someone else too.



    If you would like, share this site on social media. It'll be here until the end of August 2020.

  • IOM Wandering prayer labyrinth

    Exploring Psalm 8 around your own way.


    Watch this introduction video, and then head straight to location 1.

    The rest will unfold from there.


  • Destinations

    Locations 1-5

    Location 01 (Start)

    Psalm 8

    St. Patrick's Isle

    Location 02

    God can be seen in creation

    The Point of Ayre

    Location 03

    God can be seen in humanity

    Cooil Chapel

    Location 04

    Humanity's mandate to govern the ecosystem

    Laxey Bay

    Location 05

    Our crown as God's character

    Injebreck Reservoir

  • Destinations

    Locations 6-10

    Location 06

    God can speak for himself

    The Calf of Man

    Location 07

    A little lower than the angels?

    Cabbal Pherick and Spooyt Vane

    Location 08

    Devestation of nature misrepresents God

    Sartfield Shipwreck

    Location 09

    God's attributes at work in lockdown

    Snaefell Summit

    Location 10

    Caring for this world enables us to see God

    Tynwald National Park and Arboretum

  • Destinations

    Loations 11-15

    Location 11

    Joining angels in a worship relationship with God

    St. Luke's and Old Tynwald

    Location 12

    Caring for nature is part of worship

    Niarbyl (Tail of Rocks)

    Location 13

    Masking God, or signposting to him

    Maughold Head

    Location 14

    Even a child can experience and speak of God

    Sealion Cove

    Location 15

    How we notice the essence of our humanity

    Primrose Hill (Sulby Claddagh)

  • Praying the Keeills

    This was created for 'praying the keeills week'

    It is organised each year by a community on the isle of man who seek to deepen their spirituality by visiting our ancient keeills.

    keeills are sacred places of worship, some churches, some hermitages, some simply sacred spaces, all scattered all around the beautiful manx landscape.

    Their website is here if you'd like more information.

    Well worth a look.

  • Hope you enjoyed the journey

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